Online solar investing

Rooftop solar

without the roof

Buy solar panels located on commercial rooftops.
Collect cash earnings when you generate and sell electricity.
A commercial scale solar panel array on a warehouse rooftop.
Warehouse solar
A commercial scale solar panel array on a parking lot covering structure.
Parking solar
Real solar, real impact, real earnings
Own panels on solar facilities located on commercial property. Earn cash when your panels generate and sell electricity.

Online project monitoring

View your impact & earnings in real-time with Legends Rooftop

It's simple to understand your impact and earnings with our exclusive project monitoring software, Legends Rooftop. Over time, we'll add features to make your investing experience more rewarding. When you own solar panels on Legends, you don't have to wonder if you are making an impact - with the Legends Rooftop, you'll know.

Earn cash when your solar panels generate and sell electricity. Your  earnings are displayed with intuitive clarity on the Legends Wallet, where you can transfer them to your personal checking account.
Cash earned
View your trailing cash earnings and explore the financial performance of your solar panels.
Electricity generated
View your trailing cash earnings and explore the financial performance of your solar panels.
A realtime measure of your cash earnings– the earnings gauge shows the dividends that your solar panels earn ‘per hour'.
Track your trailing electricity generation with this intuitive data visualization.
Check in on the weather above your panels. Unusually sunny weather might  improve your return while overcast weather could temporarily slow your power generation.
A realtime measure of your carbon impact – the carbon gauge shows the weight of CO2 emissions that your solar panels prevent ‘per hour'.
Musical explainer
The Ballad of Mary
Returns calculator
Understand how the productivity of panels you purchase influences the cash you’ll earn and the environmental impact you’ll create.
Steps to invest
Step one

Purchase your panels

Purchase one solar panel - or a rooftop's worth. You'll earn cash when your panels generate and sell electricity.
Step Two

Monitor your investment

View your realtime impact, including cash earned and energy generated on Legends Rooftop.
Step three

Earn monthly dividends

Earn cash when your panels generate and sell electricity. Monthly dividends are deposited directly in your account.
Step One

Turn sunshine into cash

Purchase a single solar panel - or an entire rooftops' worth. You'll be entitled to the cash your panels earn when they generate and sell electricity.
Step Two

Monitor your investment

Login to the Legends dashboard anytime to view your realtime impact, including cash earned, Co2 averted, and energy generated.
Step Three

Turn sunshine into cash

Earn cash when your panels generate and sell electricity. Monthly dividends are deposited directly in your account.
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Legends Incorporated
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A note from the founders
March 1, 2023
Legends Solar was a climate investing startup created by Lassor Feasley, Nera Lerner, John Compas, and Antonella Wells.

On Legends, you could buy real operating solar panels on commercial solar facilities and earn cash as they generated power and sold it to the grid. With Legends Rooftop, investors could track their investments in real-time through our monitoring interface.

Thousands of investors signed up to use Legends, which collected pre-commitments to buy millions of dollars worth of solar infrastructure.  

We are sad to share that as of February 28, 2023, Legends Solar ended operations. Unfortunately, we were unable to secure a scalable path to acquire investments for our customers.

To our investors, clients, and partners – thank you for joining us on this journey.


The Legends Solar Team

Summary of accomplishments
4,000+ investors 'pre-committed' to buy 50,000 panels worth $10,000,000+

We collected millions of dollars worth of pre-commitments from investors who agreed to purchase panels through our ‘by the panel’ solar investing platform. Hundreds of accredited investors and thousands of retail investors expressed interest in investing on Legends.

Our product launch led Hacker News, Product Hunt, and the trades

Legends Solar led the ranks of Hacker News and Product Hunt, the two most prominent message boards for novel product launches. Our launch garnered significant earned media attention within industry trade publications and newsletters. This attention helped us grow a list with thousands of well qualified ‘online solar investors’.

Our operations were financed by leading solar finance organizations

Legends Solar secured venture funding from two leading solar finance companies: Captona Renewables and SDC Energy . These firms helped us to source and diligence our first solar infrastructure investments and helped us form a project acquisition strategy.

We produced a popular 'musical explainer' product launch video

Legends Solar commissioned the smash hit product launch video ‘The Ballad of Mary’, a unique ‘musical explainer’ video with 150K views and counting. The video uses a novel format to express Legends Solar’s value proposition in a fun and engaging way.

We completed private placement solar investments with accredited clients

Legends Solar marketed and sold  ‘private placement’ solar investments for accredited investors. While Legends was never able to offer ‘by the panel’ purchases for retail investors, we launched a well featured product for accredited investors. Generally, these were new development projects worth $100K+.

Legends developed a paid marketing strategy with dynamic targeting and creatives

Legends Solar developed a paid social media marketing strategy that attracted user signups for less than $5 per conversion. On average users signed up for several thousand dollars worth of solar investment, meaning that Legends Solar’s marketing strategy could have generated hundreds of dollars in revenue for every dollar spent.

Our team designed, engineered, and launched an innovative online solar investing platform

Legends design and engineering team launched the Legends Solar web app, including ‘real time monitoring’, transactions, and more. The app had sophisticated features that allowed Legends to understand user engagement through a CRM, uncommon among investment products.

We conducted hundreds of user tests and user interviews

Legends Solar Conducted hundreds of user tests which were used to refine our value proposition. Design and marketing decisions were rigorously tested through qualitative research like interviews and qualitative measures like web analytics that allowed us to evolve the way we communicate with users and formed our user interface.