What do you actually own on Legends Solar?

Legends Solar is like rooftop solar, without the rooftop. You’ll own shares in real solar panels, generating carbon-free electricity. Your panels will be located on commercial facilities – think ‘warehouse rooftop,’ not ‘suburban home’ - and each month, you’ll earn a cash payment when your panels sell electricity produced to the grid.

Rooftop solar, without the rooftop

On Legends Solar, you’ll own shares of real, operating solar panels on a commercial solar facility. These panels will earn you a monthly cash payment when they sell electricity to a power purchaser. You won’t be personally involved in the installation, maintenance, or billing collections – all you have to do is invest in panel shares and collect your cash earnings.

Panels and shares

On Legends Solar, you'll buy shares in an operating solar facility. Each share will be roughly equivalent to direct ownership of a single solar panel. This is because Legends issues the same number of shares as there are solar panels on each of our facility offerings. Every solar panel generates about the same amount of electricity as the rest, so the earnings and impact of your 'shares' will be similar to if you owned the solar panel outright.

Check in on Legends Rooftop

We created Legends Rooftop so that you can easily review your solar investment’s impact, productivity, and financial return. Your solar panels generate data on how much electricity they produce – we use Rooftop to make that data accessible to you. With Legends Solar, you won’t have to wonder if you are making an impact – you’ll know.

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