What kind of financial return will I earn?

Your Legends panels earn money when they generate and sell electricity. That means when the sun rises in the morning, you’ll start earning cash. As the sun sets or is obstructed by passing clouds, your earnings will slow or stop completely. You’ll receive a monthly cash dividend payment based on your panel’s earnings.

Monthly cash earnings

When you invest in panels on Legends Solar, you receive ownership in real, operating solar panels on a commercial solar farm. Every day, the electricity your panels generate is sold to a purchaser at a pre-negotiated rate. At the end of the month, that purchaser pays you for the electricity you generated. You access your cash earnings on the Legends Wallet, where you can transfer your earnings to a personal checking account.

Earnings factors

Several factors might impact your earnings. For example, unusually sunny weather might result in higher than expected earnings. Overcast weather could cause you to earn less. If the power purchaser fails to pay, your earnings could be reduced. Natural disasters and technical issues also pose a risk. Be sure to review the documents provided with each solar facility before investing in panels on Legends Solar.

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