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January 13, 2022

How is investing on Legends different from traditional impact investing?

Some asset managers sell impact investments to consumers while also enabling socially and environmentally destructive business activities. Legends Solar operates in accordance with its member’s values.
Every Legends Solar product is designed so that members ‘know what they own’, and have an intuitive sense of how their investment affects the real world.
Legends Solar enriches the financial return of its products with an online dashboard of project performance data, including the impact their savings create.

Know what you own

Many investment products claim to create an impact for their users. While well-intentioned, it can be difficult to verify how your decision to invest consciously changes the world. Legends Solar is out to change that.

On Legends Solar, you’ll know exactly what you own and its effect on the world in real-time. Through an evolving suite of project performance dashboards and digital touch-points, you’ll always see the amount of energy you generate, the environmental impact you create, and the dividends you earn.

We share your values

When you read the small print of some social benefit-themed investment products using frameworks like Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) or Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) — you might be disappointed by what they actually promise.

For example, companies can improve their standing as ‘environmentally responsible’ actors by promising to pollute less — eventually. Commitments to change in the future may be well-intentioned, but conscious investors want change now.

Where some companies frame themselves as conscious by ‘doing less harm,’ Legends members actively do good through their holdings. Some asset managers have conflicted internal interests and work with destructive industries. Legends is well aligned with the values of its customers.

These principles inform how we operate and our design process. As a Legends member, you will always know how your choice to invest responsibly creates impact.

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Legends incorporated
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