How long will I own my panels on Legends Solar?

Panel investments on Legends Solar are long term investments. That means that you may have to hold your panels for five or ten years. Read the investment overview of each solar investment to learn how long each individual investment lasts.

Will I be able to sell my solar panels once I make my investment?

You will need to hold your solar panel investments to term when you purchase them on Legends Solar. That means that the panels will be sold after an amount of time and your investment will be returned to you. This term may be between 5 and 30 years.

Legends Solar plans to open a marketplace where you will be able to sell your panels in advance of their investment term, however, we cannot guarantee if or when this marketplace will become operational.

How will I know what my panels will be worth at the end of their term?

The resale value of your operating solar panels will depend on several factors. Legends may seek to resell your panels at a market determined price at the time of the sale, or we may structure the sale of your investment to a new owner in advance to reduce investment risk. The terms of this arrangement will be stated on the individual investment overviews and pro formas provided with each solar facility.

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