Is Legends Solar available outside of the United States?

At first, Legends Solar will only available only to United States investors. Since we are a startup, we don’t have the resources to ensure a high quality experience for international investors. We’ve been surprised by the interest in online solar investing internationally. Be sure to reserve panels, even if you are not US based. This will help us better understand the market and accelerate our plans to make solar investments available to as many people as possible.

Why can’t I invest in Legends Solar if I am not a US resident?

We hope that Legends Solar will eventually be able to serve investors all over the world. Unfortunately, in order to provide a high quality of customer service, and to ensure that we are in compliance will domestic investing and securities laws, we will only offer Legends Solar to US residents,

Should I still reserve panels, even if I do not live in the United States?

Yes, anyone who wants to reserve solar panels on Legends Solar should ‘reserve panels’. This helps us understand who is interested in online solar investing. The more people who ‘reserve panels’ the sooner we’ll be able to build Legends and launch our investing platform.

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