Last Updated:
January 13, 2022

How will I know what my impact is on Legends Solar?

Some ‘impact themed’ investments don’t give investors a clear accounting of their impact. Legends Solar designs it’s products to validate member’s impact, making it intuitive and accountable.
Legends Solar provides an intuitive project monitoring interface, the Legends Rooftop, that will vividly illustrate member’s impact.
Compared to other ‘carbon offset’ products, we believe that Legends Solar creates a credible claim to reduce the carbon footprint of its members.

Know what you own

Our products are designed to remove the layers of abstraction and management associated with most financial securities. On Legends Solar, you’ll know exactly what you own - how your investment operates, and how it impacts the world.

Real time impact validation

Our financial products come with a powerful interface where you can check in on your solar panels and see exactly how productive they are in real time. When you log into your Legends Solar account, you’ll see exactly how much impact you create.

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Legends incorporated
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Legends incorporated
134 North 4th street
Brooklyn, NY 11249