How will I know my impact on Legends Solar?

Solar panels stream productivity data to the internet. We use this data to power ‘Legends Rooftop’, our interactive monitoring app. On Rooftop, you’ll see real- time measurements of how much energy you’ve generated, how much cash you’ve earned, and an estimation of how much carbon you’ve averted. Over time, we plan to add new features, ‘Legends Rooftop,’ that will make it even more intuitive to measure your impact.

Real time impact

On Legends Solar, you’ll be able to see exactly how much energy you generate in real-time. As the sun rises each morning, so will your energy production, cash earnings, and carbon aversion. You’ll also be able to explore your trailing and cumulative carbon impact metrics and transfer cash from your ‘Legends Wallet’ to your personal checking account. Our goal is to make Legends Rooftop so intuitive that you’ll feel like you had installed the panels on your own roof.

Know what you own

Impact can be hard to measure and understand, especially when it comes to investing. We design investments from the ground up so that you’ll know what panels are behind your investment, how they work, and what your impact is. Since panels generate real time data that you can access on Legends Rooftop, you won’t have to wonder if you are making an impact – you’ll know.

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