What is ‘Legends Rooftop’ project monitoring?

Think of Legends Rooftop as your dashboard, where you can easily review your solar investment’s impact, productivity, and financial return. Your solar panels generate data on how much electricity they produce – we use Rooftop to make that data accessible to you. With Legends Solar, you won’t have to wonder if you are making an impact – you’ll know.

Check-in on Legends Rooftop

On the Legends Rooftop, we’ve created a variety of widgets that display information about your solar panels. Use Rooftop to understand your power generation, earnings, and environmental impact.

Check-in on your cash earnings – including an estimation of your earnings in real-time. Monitor your environmental impact displayed in terms of the weight of carbon you prevent from being emitted by investing in solar. Stay up to date on your power generation and see how much electricity you produce.

Unlike other investments that give you little insight into how your cash is being used, we make it fun and intuitive to track how your investment works.

Know what you own

Investing shouldn’t be confusing – you should be able to account for where your money is going. At Legends Solar, we want you to understand what you own through your investment, how it works, and the social & environmental impact it creates. On Legends Rooftop, you’ll view data visualizations and metrics expressing your investment’s real-time earnings and power generation.

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