Last Updated:
January 8, 2022

Legends Solar is partnered with SDC Energy

Legends Solar provides a convenient and engaging interface for members and works to structure solar investments to better suit individual investors.
SDC Energy will facilitate administrative tasks like billing power purchasers and contracting regular maintenance.
SDC Energy, an industry veteran with over a decade of solar finance experience, will source, vet, and service Legends Solar’s first offerings.

Who is SDC Energy?

SDC Energy is a solar finance and operations consultant that facilitates commercial-scale solar financings. They have completed dozens of transactions involving hundreds of investors — and are responsible for managing operations and maintenance for tens of millions of dollars worth of solar facilities.

Until now, SDC Energy has worked primarily with high net worth and institutional clients. Legends Solar is providing our members with a novel way to participate in solar project financing administered by SDC Energy.

How is Legends Solar partnered with SDC Energy?

SDC Energy has agreed to source, vet, and service the solar facilities that will collateralize Legends Solar’s first offerings. Legends solar only creates sponsor equity investments for members — that means that as a member of Legends, you’ll have the opportunity to earn revenues generated by the solar facility you invest in. SDC Energy manages other aspects of solar financing behind the scenes, structuring debt and tax equity with other investors.

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Legends incorporated
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