How do I access the cash I earn on Legends Solar?

When your solar panels generate and sell electricity, the cash they earn is deposited into your ‘Legends Wallet.’ Log on to Legends and use your Wallet’s balance to transfer cash to your personal checking account or purchase more solar panels.

Access your cash earnings on Legends Solar

When you open an account on Legends Solar, you’ll get access to ‘Legends Wallet.’ The cash balance of your Legends Wallet can be transferred to your personal checking account or used to invest on Legends Solar.

Receive cash dividends

All dividend payments earned by your solar panels will be sent to your Legends Wallet. When you receive dividends from solar panels on Legends, it is like you literally ‘turned sunshine into cash’ – since all the cash you earn comes from the sale of 100% renewable energy.

Connect your checking account to Legends Wallet

Once you open a Legends Solar account, you’ll be able to connect up to two personal checking accounts to your Legends Wallet. You can both send cash to outside accounts and receive funds with Wallet.

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