What is ‘Online Solar Investing’?

Online solar investing allows you to purchase operating solar panels on commercial solar farms. As your panels generate and sell electricity, you’ll collect cash earnings and produce a powerful environmental impact. With Legends’ online solar investing system, you can choose to purchase just one panel or a whole rooftop’s worth.

How is ‘Online solar investing’ different from buying stocks in publicly traded solar companies?

When you invest in a solar panel on Legends Solar, you own real solar panels, you’ll be entitled to all the cash they generate from selling electricity. The value and future financial returns of a solar company stock can zig-zag wildly and can be speculative.

With online solar investing on Legends, you’ll earn cash when the sun shines. So long as your panels continue to operate, your investment will earn cash. By purchasing real assets, instead of a small share of a large company, you’ll avoid some of the risks that publicly traded companies create.

Do I own real solar panels through my online solar investment?

Yes. When you buy a panel on Legends Solar, that panel exists in the real world. We make online solar investing on Legends as close to installing rooftop panels on your home as possible. Just like with rooftop solar, you’ll own real panels, generate real electricity, and earn a real financial benefit.

Online solar investing on Legends Solar is a great option for people who cannot build rooftop solar because they rent their homes or live in a city. Some online solar investors already own rooftop solar panels but have run out of space on their roof to build more. With Legends Solar, investors in that situation can continue to purchase more solar panels.

Does Online Solar Investing make an environmental impact?

When you invest in solar online with Legends, you’ll see your environmental impact displayed in real-time with beautiful data visualizations. As you generate electricity and earn dividends, you also prevent carbon gas from being emitted into the atmosphere.

Understanding your impact with online solar investing on Legends is simple because we use beautiful data visualizations to show your real-time, and trailing, carbon aversion.

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