Does Legends Solar reduce my carbon footprint?

Some carbon reduction products, like community solar and carbon offsets, use synthetic contracts that allow you to take credit for the environmental benefits of solar panels. You don’t actually own solar panels or use the energy they generate. We believe that equity ownership of solar panels on Legends Solar creates a clear claim to the emissions you prevent.

Understanding impact on Legends Solar

When you buy solar panels on Legends, you own actual equity in a solar panel array. While you do not use the electricity you generate (a co-located power customer does) you will be the owner of real machinery that averts carbon by generating clean electricity.

On our project monitoring software, Legends Rooftop, you’ll see exactly how much carbon you’ve averted through your panels, as well as your real time power generation. When you own solar panels on Legends, you don't have to wonder if you are making an impact - with the Legends Rooftop, you'll know.

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