What are the risks of investing on Legends Solar?

We look for solar farms with high-quality construction and a reliable power purchaser to buy the electricity you'll generate. Solar panels on Legends are selected in collaboration with our finance partner, SDC Energy.

What risks will I encounter investing in solar on Legends?

Solar panels on Legends earn a monthly dividend when they generate and sell electricity. Many solar facilities are considered low risk — some are even rated 'investment grade', which means they are likely to perform reliably. Legends Solar investors should be aware of risks that could affect the earnings and value of their solar panels.


The income your panels create depends on sunny weather. If a month is very sunny and bright, your cash earnings might be bigger than expected. Overcast weather can reduce earnings.

Power purchaser default

Your panels will be located on the site of the customer that purchases the electricity you generate. Universities and hospitals make very good purchasers because they are likely to pay on time.

If the purchaser does not make payments on time, your monthly earnings could be effected.

Unexpected maintenance

Solar farms are low-maintenance; many don't need any day-to-day upkeep and can operate for years without any repairs. But sometimes, problems with workmanship quality or materials can arise. Depending on specific solar panels' warranty and insurance arrangements, maintenance costs may impact your monthly earnings.

Natural disasters & physical damage

Your solar panels could be damaged by storms, fires, natural disasters, and other events. This is unlikely, but you should be aware of the risk. Consider documents and disclaimers available with each offering before deciding whether to invest on Legends Solar.

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