How does Legends Solar choose solar panels?

As a Legends Solar investor, you will purchase operational solar panels on the property of a commercial business. We choose solar facilities based on two main criteria: the quality of the panel’s construction and the ability of a power off-taker (your customer) to purchase electricity for many years.

What we look for in a solar facility

Legends seeks solar projects that meet two criteria. First, we find projects that earn revenue from a customer with a low financial risk, which means they’ll be able to pay for electricity for years to come. Second, we look for high-quality projects built by experienced contractors using proven hardware and equipment.

A ‘creditworthy’ offtaker

An ‘offtaker’ is the customer who buys the electricity you generate. Typically, your panels will be located on the property of the offtaker. If the offtaker seems to be on strong financial footing for many years to come, they are considered creditworthy.

High-quality construction

We look for solar facilities that are built by experienced contractors using industry best practices and trusted hardware components like brackets, inverters, and panels. Often, the contractor will guarantee their workmanship with a warranty. In some instances, Legends panels may also be insured.

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