Last Updated:
January 13, 2022

What do you actually own on Legends Solar?

A member who bought 1 panel on a solar farm with 100 panels total would earn one percent of the profits generated by all 100 panels.
Legends Solar issues the same number of 'shares' in each farm as there are panels installed at that farm.
Legends Solar sells shares of energy-producing commercial solar facilities. These shares are denominated as 'panels.' Think of your 'panel' as a share of stock in a solar farm.

Understanding a 'Panel'

Legends Solar aims to create an investing product with a financial profile similar to direct ownership of solar panels. Every 'panel' Legends Solar sells to members is an equity share that entitles its owner to a portion of dividends earned by a real solar farm. If you bought a one-panel 'share' on a solar farm with 100 panels, you would be entitled to 1% of the dividends generated by the entire farm.

In general, each panel on a solar farm is identical and will generate the same amount of electricity - and dividends - as any other. Even though a Legends Solar 'share' does not represent ownership in an individual panel, it functionally delivers direct ownership's financial and impact characteristics.

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Legends incorporated
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