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January 13, 2022

What kind of financial return should I expect on Legends?

Legends Solar panels will perform like a fixed-income investment, with some variations and risks like project uptime and sunshine.
It is unlikely that Legends Panels will increase significantly in value over time. Panels owned on Legends Solar may slowly depreciate as the productive capacity and lifespan of the panels decline.
Legends Solar panels will produce long-term dividends from the revenue earned by generating and selling electricity.

Reliable returns

When you invest in panels on Legends Solar, you are purchasing the right to dividends earned by a real, operating solar farm. Your interest in the solar farm will not grow or shrink over time - our goal is to make owning a panel on Legends as close as possible to real ownership of a physical product. 

Legends Solar panels generate dividends while the sun shines. There is a risk that cloudy weather may reduce the amount of energy your solar farm generates - as well as the potential that sunny weather might increase your earnings. Other risks include the potential for project downtime for maintenance or damage to the site due to natural disasters. 

Legends Solar facilities are certified investment grade or close. They are sourced and administered by our partner, SDC Energy. 

SDC Energy

Legends Solar investments are sourced, vetted, and serviced by SDC Energy. SDC Energy is a solar investment consultancy founded in 2005. They have completed over 170 solar project financings and manage solar facility operations on behalf of over 100 investors.

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Legends incorporated
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Legends incorporated
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