August 26, 2022
New York

Legends Solar releases six collectable enamel badges to reward its growing community of online solar investors

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Collect all six badges by referring friends to Legends Solar. You'll receive one pin for every three friends who join!

Legends Solar designed a line of colorful enamel pins for early adopters of its online solar investing platform. Anyone who signs up for Legends Solar’s newsletter and refers three friends to Legends Solar’s early access list is entitled to their first badge, sent to them for free in the mail. Invite a total of 18 friends of Legends Solar to collect all 6 badges.

With Legends Solar, investors can invest in operating commercial solar panels and earn cash when they generate and sell electricity. Panel owners on Legends Solar can monitor their impact, earnings, and productivity in real time. They can also purchase additional solar panels to accelerate their earnings and create a larger impact.

The badges each feature an investor client expressing themselves on a set of solar panels they own through Legends Solar. “Investing with Legends Solar is unique because you never have to compromise your values – you’ll always know what you own and how you benefit from your savings,” said Legends Solar Chief Operating Officer, Nera Lerner.

In addition to a strong financial return and a powerful environmental impact, Legends Solar investors are more actively engaged with their investment – they won’t have to worry that their savings support culturally regressive corporate cultures or environmentally destructive practices.

The artwork on this limited edition pin set captures an important aspect of Legends Solar’s investment products. Reserve panels and start referring friends at www.Legends.Solar to earn yours.

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