September 27, 2022
New York

Legends Appoints Antonella Wells ‘Director of Finance and Originations’

Lassor Feasley
Antonella Wells brings more than 20 years of finance management experience to Legends Solar

Legends Incorporated is thrilled to welcome Antonella Wells to its founding team as Director of Finance and Origination. Antonella’s responsibilities will include developing a pipeline of solar facility buyouts and financings in order to supply Legends’ clients with ‘by-the-panel’ online solar investments.

Antonella is an experienced banker, trader, and financier with expertise in renewable energy finance. She is a seasoned manager, leading teams at Bank of the West, BNP Paribas, and Trafigura Derivative Ltd over a career spanning two decades. More recently, Antonella helped create ‘Resilient Palisades’, the first community microgrid in California.

“Antonella’s skills and experience are a perfect fit for Legends Solar’s strategic needs as we scale from a start-up to a mature online investing platform,” said CEO Lassor Feasey. “In addition, Antonella’s personal charisma, ambition, and commitment to excellence are sure to inspire us as we grow.”

Mrs. Wells was a strategic advisor to Legends Solar for several months before joining in a formal role. Antonella earned a degree from Luigi Bocconi University with honors in Finance and Economics. More recently, she was awarded a Certificate in Sustainability from UCLA.

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