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Legends Solar announces close of pre-seed financing

December 30, 2021
New York

Legends Solar, an investing platform that leverages design and data to enrich financial returns with an affirming digital experience, announced a close on its pre-seed financing today.

Starting with solar energy projects, Legends will deliver investors an intuitive experience of what they own through their holding and the positive impact it creates. Legends Solar’s pre-seed financing will allow its team to build a product and launch its first offering to a small group of founding members.

“This financing will give us the resources to build the first iteration of Legends Solar for a select group of members,” CEO Lassor Feasley said. “Existing ‘impact investing’ products do not adequately respond to the motivations underlying intense consumer demand for responsible financial choices. Legends will make impact investing as intuitive as users have come to expect of other digital products.”

Legends Solar’s offerings leverage growing interest in alternative financial products, and SRI/ESG themed funds. In addition, Legends Solar will benefit from the continued growth of new solar construction in the United States.

​​According to a recent Morgan Stanley Institute for Sustainable Investing study, 99% of millennials with $100,000 or more in investable assets are interested in sustainable investing, a steep increase from years prior.

“Legends Solar faces many tailwinds stemming from the values we share with today’s investor and the power of our novel design-driven product. We will leverage that position by executing on our vision – and innovative approach of impact investing powered by design and technology”, Lassor said.
Interested parties can learn more at www.Legends.Solar.

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Legends incorporated
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