Legends Returns Calculator
Understand Online Solar Investing earnings and impact
Investors ought to know what their savings represent and how they impact the real world. That's why we created the Legends Returns calculator. This tool will help you contextualize how the productivity of the panels you purchase on Legends Solar influences the cash you’ll earn and the environmental impact you’ll create.

Interpreting the calculator

With this calculator, you can choose how many panels you expect to invest in and see a forecast prediction of their return over a ten-year period. Toggle between cash earnings, electricity generated, and carbon averted to understand what your preferred investment might produce.

Solar facilities on Legends Solar have different financial and impact characteristics. This calculator shows a generalized forecast of how we expect a typical investment might perform.  Remember to refer to the investment overview provided with each facility to better understand your holding.


When you invest in panels on Legends Solar, you earn the cash they generate as they sell electricity to a power customer. This amount may vary depending on the weather, seasonal changes, and the uptime of your panels. The ‘Forecast 10-year cash returned to investor’ includes potential payments generated when your panels are sold at the end of their investment term.


When your panels generate and sell electricity, they create a positive environmental impact by displacing carbon that would have been generated by another source of electricity like coal or natural gas. The energy system is complex and it can be difficult to determine exactly what your carbon impact is, but Legends Solar works to make an educated guess so you can better understand your panel’s impact.


Electricity production is measured in ‘watt hours’. A single panel on Legends Solar might be capable of generating 350 watts, meaning that in optimal conditions with the sun shining high, you might generate the amount of electricity it would take to light a home’s worth of  LED bulbs. A power-purchaser (the customer for the electricity you generate) will purchase all your panel’s electricity, and Legends Solar will pass the cash benefit on to you.

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